“I’ve never seen anybody more attuned to kids’ thinking and more creative about how to funnel kids’ energy into creative and intellectual pursuits.”  – Bill, Green Arts Co-op Parent


The Basics:

I utilize a broad spectrum of experience and training (selected list below) to work with children in areas such as organizational and study skills, executive functioning and ADHD, speech therapy enrichment activities, and various K-12 subject areas. Most families come to me for help with math, reading, or standardized test prep. For math, I prefer to divide my sessions between Common Core schoolwork and introducing students to a variety of math-related activities that they’ll be eager to practice on their own for learning sheer enjoyment.


I can tailor my approach to your child’s schooling situation, and prefer to use creative problem solving when applicable. Some of my favorite examples include:

  • Helping a 6yo write and record podcasts and tongue twisters to enrich his speech therapy.
  • Introducing a student to calligraphy as opposed to rote handwriting improvement activities.
  • Developing my own complimentary “learning focus” through which a student can learn by teaching or assisting (ex. having an 8yo who hates math help me measure a lamp post with trigonometry using a clinometer and tape measure).

With my own children, I draw from a wide variety of educational approaches and philosophies, using them to maintain a family-directed, unschooling learning environment. I’m a big fan of Ivan Illich, Paul Lockhart, Pam Leo and Paulo Freire, among others.

Selected Experience and Education:

  • I facilitate a creative mathematics learning environment (PolyArt Kids) for children ages 5-9.
  • Founded and led Forest Kids NYC, a Central Park-based meetup for families with children ages 3 and up.
  • Founded and managed an unschooling arts cooperative, Green Arts, from 2013-2015.
  • Masters in Elementary Education from City College.
  • 15 years of experience tutoring children in both after school and home school settings, Grades K-6.
  • 5 additional years of experience teaching in the New York City Pubic Schools.
  • Familiar with NYC Dept. of Education home school requirements and documentation.
  • 3 years of experience as an adviser and adjunct professor for the New York Teaching Fellows program.

Availability and Rates:

I am available for one-on-one or group tutoring. Families who would like more information about rates and sessions should email me. Please provide some basic information about your child’s educational needs.

I occasionally work with families who are interested in a unique group learning situation that involves my daughters (field trips, anyone?).