“I’ve never seen anybody more attuned to kids’ thinking and more creative about how to funnel kids’ energy into creative and intellectual pursuits.”

– Bill, Green Arts Co-op Parent

“My family and I had a great experience with Ben and his family this fall. Ben tutored my son for six weeks and not only gave him creative and inspired instruction, but addressed his distinct interests through directed activities and field trips. I am certain that the time my son spent with Ben and his family as both a student and friend will stay with him for years to come.”

-Lorena, Parent

“Ben tutored my 6 year old son over the summer. Ben made the sessions fun and interesting and my son always looked forward to their time together (not an easy task when the weather is warm and school is not in session). My son’s grasp of phonics grew, yet he never felt like he was in a work session. We very much enjoyed Ben.”

– Cheryl, St. Bernard’s Parent

“My kids are captivated by the theatricality and playfulness that Ben brings to teaching.  His background in the arts makes him a fun leader. His intellectual drive makes him a great model for lifelong learning.”

 – Janna, Homeschooling Parent

“As both teacher and parent, Ben Krieger has a great gift for balancing direction (knowing when to change things up, propose a fresh scenario) with receptivity (knowing when to step back and let the kids get on with it). He’s also uncommonly aware of group dynamics among children, and sensitive to their individual characters, as my daughter and I found when we participated in his Williamsburg co-op. I fully endorse his pedagogic approach!”

– Thomas, Green Arts Co-op Parent